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What Can Latisse© Do For You?

Thicker and Longer Lashes

Latisse® increases eyelash thickness, darkness, and length through bimatoprost, its active ingredient. Your eyelashes grow thicker and longer by lengthening the lash growth phase.

Gradual, Consistent, Cumulative Results

Most patients describe a remarkable improvement in eyelash appearance between one and two months, with ideal results after four months.

Proven Safe for Over 13 Years

Thirty-two clinical trials over 13 years involved over 5,700 patients. Less than four percent of participants experienced minimal side effects.

Results that Speak for Themselves

With well-documented clinical trials and proven results, the best approach for evaluating the results of Latisse® eyelash enhancement is to try it.

How does Latisse® work?

The science is simple

Lengthening the growth phase of the hair development cycle results in thicker, longer lashes. It also stimulates pigment formation in the hair follicles to darken lashes.

How is Latisse® applied?

You apply Latisse® to the base margin of your upper eyelid once a day using a single-use disposable applicator brush for each eye.

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Red Deer Eye Care Centre

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Rimbey Eye Care Centre

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Rocky Eye Care Centre

5040 B - 50th Street
Rocky Mountain House, AB, T4T 1A5
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Hours of Operation

Monday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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Thursday8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Latisse® FAQ

What is Latisse®?

Latisse® is the only prescription eyelash growth enhancement product indicated in Canada that results in natural eyelashes growing darker, thicker, and longer.

How long do results with Latisse® last?

Results with Latisse® are noticeable in just eight weeks, with the full effects seen at 16 weeks. Continued use of Latisse® is needed to maintain results. If you discontinue treatment, eyelash prominence will return to pre-treatment levels over a period of several weeks to months.

I’ve heard that Latisse® can cause iris pigmentation. Is that true?

Latisse® might produce increased brown iris pigmentation, which may be permanent. Therefore, patients should be warned about the potential risks of iris pigmentation when using Latisse®.

I’ve heard the hyperpigmentation could almost produce an eyeliner effect?

Some patients who use Latisse® may notice pigmentation along the upper eyelid margin where it is applied, producing the appearance of eyeliner. This slight coloring may be reversible upon discontinuing use of the Latisse®.

If you have had laser surgery, contact lenses or sensitive eyes, can you still use Latisse®?

Soft contact lenses may absorb BAK (benzalkonium chloride), which Latisse® contains. You should remove contact lenses prior to applying Latisse®. They may be reinserted 15 minutes after using Latisse®. For all other eye ailments and sensitivities, make sure to talk with an aesthetic specialty Optometrist to determine if you are an ideal candidate for Latisse®.

Do other eyelash enhancement products not grow your lashes too? What are the differences?

Because Latisse® is the only prescription eyelash growth product in Canada that promotes the growth of your natural eyelashes, it is impossible to compare it to similar products. Unlike Latisse®, the safety and effectiveness of over-the-counter alternative eyelash enhancement products have yet to be proven in clinical studies.

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