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Many Eye Emergencies are Preventable

Types of Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies may include a simple red eye, a corneal abrasion, a sudden loss of vision, or a retinal detachment to name a few. Because some eye emergencies can cause permanent vision loss, it is important to see your Optometrist promptly for assessment and treatment.

The Eye Care Centre offers same-day appointments for eye emergencies.

Trauma to the Eye

Our eyes are extremely fragile; even minor eye injuries can have permanent consequences. Chemical injuries and foreign objects should be treated immediately to protect your eye from inflammation, infection, and loss of vision.

If you have had trauma to the eye, administer appropriate first aid such as an eye wash for a chemical splash, and contact the Eye Care Centre immediately to arrange further care.

Sudden Loss of Vision

For many of us, our most precious sense is sight. So a sudden loss of vision should be treated with care and urgency. There are many reasons for sudden vision change from minor (ocular migraines) to serious (stroke in your eye). The only way to know the difference is to have your eyes examined by your Eye Care Centre Optometrist.

If a serious problem is found, a referral to a specialist can be arranged for you.

Flashes and Floaters

Many patients see black dots or lines in their vision which are commonly referred to as floaters. Typically these are caused by a simple aging process in the eye. However, sudden floaters associated with flashes of light and vision loss can indicate a serious problem in the back of your eye, including a condition called a retinal detachment.

Your Optometrist at the Eye Care Centre should be your first point of contact if you experience new flashes or floaters in your vision.

Important Information Regarding Eye Emergencies:

Is my emergency eye exam covered by Alberta Health Care?

Yes. Alberta Health Care covers emergency eye exams for medically necessary conditions for all Albertans. This also includes follow-up or referral appointments as required.

What are some safety precautions for eye injuries?

You can prevent many eye injuries by always wearing safety glasses or goggles in situations where something may come in contact with your eye, such as when working in the yard. A large number of patients scratch their eyes on twigs or branches while performing back yard maintenance.

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Treat Eye Emergencies Immediately at Our Optometry Clinic

There is a wide variety of potential eye emergencies, including trauma to the eye. Always assess the emergency and seek immediate medical attention from your ophthalmologist, Optometrist, or local emergency clinic.

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