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Everything to Know About Eye Protection

Protect Your Eyes With Quality Safety Eyewear

Your eyesight is one of your most precious gifts, and you can’t afford to take chances with it, whether it be through work, sports or home improvement projects. Protective goggles or safety glasses can protect your eyes from injury in order to ensure that you enjoy a lifetime of clear, good vision.

Eye injuries are common at home and in the workplace, and wearing the correct safety eyewear may save your vision.

Research suggests that close to 90% of eye injuries could be prevented with the right safety goggles or eyewear.

Fortunately, there are options when it comes time to choosing the right protective eyewear for your lifestyle.

Eyesafe Glasses on the Job

In our efforts to keep your eyes safe, we are part of the eye safety workplace program, Eyesafe. Our job is to promote the use of eyewear accessories and safety glasses on the job.

The ultimate goal of Eyesafe is to improve the health of the eyes, not just to protect them. From safety eyewear to macular degeneration on the job, the Alberta Association of Optometrists wants to see your eyes protected.

Ratings of Safety Lenses

Frames and lenses are rated differently depending on their ability to withstand impact. You should always consult a professional when selecting safety glasses. Lenses are made of different material in order to make the eyewear more comfortable and stronger.

Important Information to Know

Home and Sports Use

The safety eyewear you choose at work may be different than those you wear when working on projects at home or engaging in sports activities. You may need a separate pair of glasses for each activity. The many different styles of safety eyewear allow you to choose one that really fits your personality and lifestyle.

What is the difference between regular glasses and safety eyewear?

Safety glasses are required to withstand impact at a higher level than regular eyewear, and both the frames and lenses are held to a higher standard. Safety eyewear is available with prescription and non-prescription lenses, but regular glasses never qualify as safety eyewear, unless they meet certain criteria and follow safety guidelines.

Here at Eye Care Centre, we offer several different types of safety eyewear and goggles to protect your eyes while you are out living your life.

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Schedule an appointment with a professional at Eye Care Centre to learn more about safety eyewear. Protect one of your most valuable assets with tools that really work to save your vision.

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