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Digital Eye Strain: The Fun New Trend That Everyone Loves

Digital eye strain is all the rage these days. It seems like everyone is getting on board the digital eye strain bandwagon, and with up to 70% of Albertans experiencing the symptoms of digital eye strain, it’s no wonder that this fun, family-friendly condition is gaining popularity. The best part…

Published: 2016-11-03Read Article
Five Tips to Deal With Alberta’s Dry & Dusty Climate

It is no secret that Alberta has a very dusty and dry climate – especially when it comes to winters.  Dry eye is a common symptom in Alberta’s climate.  Here are a few pointers to help ease the pain of dry eye in our dry and dusty climate: Artificial Tears Artificial…

Published: 2016-08-15Read Article
The Incredible Gift of Colour Vision

Among all the creatures in the animal kingdom, humans are the most well-adapted to life on Earth. We have thrived as we have evolved, and we can thank the amazing evolution of our eyes for helping us to witness the transformation. Our eyes, though not necessarily the most sharp, discerning,…

Published: 2016-07-15Read Article
Protecting Your Eyes

A Bit of Foresight Will Help Preserve Your Sight! Something that we work hard to inform our patients about is the importance of preventative eye care. As Optometrists, we carry a certain amount of bias on the subject because of what we do and see (pun intended) every day. However,…

Published: 2016-06-16Read Article
Protecting Your Eyes from UV Light

Protecting Your Eyes from UV Light: Why UV Protection is Important to Your Eye Health. UV radiation can have profound effects on our eyes, from the seemingly benign (ever had an ocular sunburn?) to the tragic (eye cancer). Small investments in UV protection can pay off big long-term. Alberta gets…

Published: 2016-05-16Read Article
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