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Protecting Your Eyes from UV Light

Protecting Your Eyes from UV Light: Why UV Protection is Important to Your Eye Health. UV radiation can have profound effects on our eyes, from the seemingly benign (ever had an ocular sunburn?) to the tragic (eye cancer). Small investments in UV protection can pay off big long-term. Alberta gets…

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Why UV Rating of Your Sunglasses is Important

Sunglasses and Their UV Rating: What It Means for Your Eyes Almost all brands of sunglasses available in Alberta tout their UV protection. Have you ever wondered what that really means? Let’s find out. While most people purchase sunglasses based on how they look,  we feel that how they protect…

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Patients with hyperopia, or farsightedness, have no difficulty seeing things that are far away, but experience blurred vision when attempting to focus on objects nearby, such as a book or restaurant menu. They may experience eyestrain, eye fatigue and headaches when straining to focus on objects at close range. Hyperopia…

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As the body ages, many parts begin to change, functioning with less precision than they previously enjoyed. The eye is no exception. Aging eyes and vision, known medically as presbyopia, is largely due to a loss of elasticity in the ocular tissue. For people over the age of 45 this…

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Astigmatism is an eye condition where the cornea or lens displays irregular curvature. As a result, light refracts improperly or imprecisely on the retina causing blurry vision depending on the distance. A large number of individuals live with mild astigmatisms because perfectly shaped eyes are exceptionally rare. Poor night vision,…

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