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Cataracts affect the vision of nearly three million Canadians, the majority of which are over the age of 60. While the condition is typically the result of the natural aging process of your eye’s crystalline lens, cataracts do occur in younger people. However, they usually do not form until the lens hardens, developing a cloudy texture. The three primary types of cataracts include:

  • Congenital. This type of cataracts is usually present at birth or develops in early childhood and usually affects both eyes. Congenital cataracts have less severe indications and may not impair vision at all.
  • Traumatic. Traumatic cataracts are the result of an eye injury. However, the cataract may take a long period to form following the original trauma to the eye.
  • Radiation. As a result of overexposure to radiation, harmful UV rays are the cause of this type of cataracts.

Surgical procedures may correct or eliminate the vision-impairing effects of cataracts, although the condition is not always harmful or dangerous. Our specialists at Red Deer Eye Care can provide information about the type of cataracts you have and offer treatment suggestions should the condition require medical attention. You can decrease your risks of cataracts by limiting alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding overexposure to harmful UV rays.

Written by Tom Lampard

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