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Category: Eye Conditions

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Lazy eye or amblyopia is the result of having eyes of mismatched strength or health. Essentially, the brain favors communication from one eye because it relays sharper or more consistent information. As the brain continues utilizing one eye over the other, the weaker eye continues to decrease in strength and ability. To treat amblyopia, you’ll […]

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If you have ever strained to read a faraway street sign or identify your child on a soccer field, you may want to be screened for myopia, or nearsightedness. Patients with this condition have difficulty focusing their vision on distant objects. With myopia, the retina is elongated, preventing light from focusing properly. Patients with myopia […]

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Strabismus, also colloquially known as crossed eyed, is an eye condition that makes it difficult for eyes to align on a solitary focal point and is often the result of injury or hereditary genetics. Also called wandering eyes, the disease is due to a muscular defect that turns one eye down (hypotropia), out (exotropia), in […]

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